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Every business needs to build a website that search engines can easily read and understand. Your website is the showroom where your products or services are showcased for the world to see. It provides the interface where customers interact with your brand before making the final decision to patronize your product or service. Therefore, it is important that you contract the building of your website to the best web designer and marketing agency in town.

If you live in Palm Beach and you’re looking to build a website that people can easily find when they type keywords that are related to your product or service in search engines, Emerald Sky in Palm Beach should be your first point of call. Of course, increasing your conversion rate requires that you take practical steps to ensure your website engages your potential customers. You need to increase your business circle and sales with the aid of a responsive website, effective social media campaigns as well as efficient SEO strategies!

All these technical digital marketing services can only be provided by top-notch web designers with cutting-edge marketing equipment and strategies, and the Emerald Sky is the sure bet in this regard. Contact Emerald Sky now for the best responsive website in Palm Beach. Here are some of the services we offer:

Web Application Development

At Emerald Sky, we understand that your website is the front line of your company, hence we guarantee you a website that speaks about who you are, what you do and the vision you want to convey. In order to help you build the most suitable website for your business, we will take our time to listen to your goals as well as your mission, and then work with you to incorporate everything that captures your essence into the site.

Social Media

In this era of online advertising, Social Media has become the “Holy grail” of digital marketing. We can help you to create a winning marketing strategy within a short space of time using these powerful tools. With these campaigns, we can help you to generate new leads and increase your conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization

The right SEO strategy will put your business in front of prospects. With good SEO Strategy, your business will be found by your potential clients from different locations. This will. No doubt, make you the leader in your industry in terms of sales performance and profitability. We will do all the necessary research to ensure that every aspect of your company is optimized for the various search engines.

Public Relations Campaign

We can also help you to reach more prospects by combining your online advertising strategies with public relation campaigns on conventional media such as television, radio, magazines, and newspapers. This robust approach can help you to reach more people who may be interested in your products or services.

Contact us today at Emerald Sky! We will work with you and guide you in the right direction that will help you drive sales and grow your business. Of course, with the right website in place, you can build your business beyond your imagination.



Click here to see some examples of a good website.

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Online Marketing on Facebook

Facebook: Online Marketing Tool



Social media has become a vital tool in internet marketing and for the Internet in general. People are now using their phones or computers not to just “work” or talk to their loved ones, but most people’s time online are being used in social networks such as Facebook.

According to Business Insider, 20% of total time spent online in the US across both desktop and mobile devices is on social platforms. And according to comScore, Facebook alone makes up 14% of total time spent online. I sure can attest to this. I may start by looking at a picture of a friend’s newborn baby, then 10 minutes later I’m watching a funny prank video. Next thing I know 30 minutes has passed.

Facebook is very good at grabbing our attention. After all, we are social creatures. However, this is why as a businessman, or woman, it is important to understand this tool and use it to our advantage. Facebook has offered the public with the opportunity to market our products and services for free or a reasonable fee. They offer the chance to make a separate page just for your business. To be an effective marketer you cannot let opportunities like this go by.

Here are a couple of tips on how to take full advantage of what Facebook has to offer. Let’s first focus on how to post content that will attract more clients.

What to Post

Your organization carries a particular personality just like every person does. Through the posts, let your Facebook page be the expression of your business’s culture, values, personality and even humor. So first, identify what you are trying to portray to your target market and then regularly post on your page content related to that image.

Quality Over Quantitytarget_marketing_facebook

It’s good to post everyday and even a few times a day, but don’t overdo it. Instead, take time to tailor your posts to your target market to ensure engagement. Make sure there is a clear call to action.

Do you want them to subscribe to something, click to a landing page, or call your company? Before posting ask yourself, “would this post cause me to engage, does this grab my attention?” Once you can say “Yes” to that question then go ahead and post.


Include Media

Also it’s good to include pictures or videos along with your posts. Multimedia content is huge and people love it. Scroll through your News Feed and you’ll see that most of the content on there are videos or pictures. As a beginner it’s okay to use content from other sources but as you progress with your marketing strategy invest in including original content. It’s getting easier and cheaper to produce videos.

We saw how Facebook has given businesses a great opportunity to market. You also got a couple of tips on what to post.

Stay tuned for more tips for online marketing on Facebook.

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Is it Still Important to Have a Website?

Petra_WebsiteNow that we have social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and online business directories such as Yelp and Yellowpages you may be wondering whether your business still needs a website. The answer is yes, you do. The benefits of having a website are quite substantial and exceed the limitations set up by other private media such as Facebook.


With your very own website you are in control of what you want the world to know about your business. You have the liberty to express yourself and your company’s message the way you want to. There are limitations on social media platforms as to what you can put in them. With your own site the content can range from a picture to a video, arranged as you want it and on your own terms.


A website can be used to drive in more visitors thus increasing your visibility online. The Web is filled with users who are searching for answers to their problems and the number of users is only growing. Having a website increases your chances of being seen by them who are searching for information using search engines such as Google. It is also possible to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to further increase the chances of search engines finding your site according to the content that you put on your site.



Having a site says that your company is concerned with their image and cares about how they are represented. This gives the sense that your company professional especially if your website is aesthetically appealing and user friendly. It helps to build your company’s credibility. It shows that you are transparent and open to be viewed by everyone.


With a website you have a 24/7 sales team at your own disposal. Your customers are not limited by your office hours. You are able to list your services with great detail along with prices. You can even set up an online store so you can be selling as you’re sleeping soundly at night.

Although a social media page can help you display your company to the world it is still very limited. With a website your business can have a clear representation expressing what you want in a professional manner. The rewards outweigh the costs.

Now that you know the benefits of having a website how about finding out how much they cost? Click below!

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Website Made?

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